Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a sexual libertarian?

Evidently Libertarianism is really becoming more popular...I'm not a fan of Michael Savage but I found this Newsweek article on him being in Playboy magazine as an interesting read.

Playboy writer David Hochman spent 16 hours interviewing Savage, an experience he said was "incredibly difficult." Savage’s opinions were often incendiary to the point of being like "poison." In this case, however, the contempt was shared. "Even when we were laughing," writes Hochman, "I knew he was thinking, Liberal vermin media."

We’ll offer snaps to Hochman for questioning some of Savage’s more offensive views—like on immigrants ("The racists are the people who come into a country that isn't theirs and take it over"), sex ed ("I don’t want the government teaching my kids how to [bleep]"), gay marriage ("I'm a sexual libertarian"), and even conservative golden boy Glenn Beck ("He’s [bleeping] stupid").

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