Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kissick used to be a Republican...he got better

From the Wapokenta Daily News, Libertarian joins U.S. House race :

“I used to call myself a Republican, but not anymore,” (Donald) Kissick said. “Just over the last 10 years, it really opened my eyes that the two-party system isn’t working and it’s time to move the political system forward. We are the only major, industrialized nation in the world that only uses a two-party system and it’s time to change that and move American forward.”
Out-of-control spending and big government are issues Kissick said he would tackle if elected to office. He cited the growing budget deficit as an example of what needs fixed in Washington.
“Our government is this massive albatross where no one knows what the other is doing,” Kissick said. “The bureaucracy is too massive to keep track of what it’s doing.”

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