Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul set to go one more time

I heard the news yesterday that Ron Paul was going to announce he was forming an exploratory committee for president. That's been confirmed now by many media sources - New York Times as one example. Part of their report:

s Representative Ron Paul of Texas begins his third presidential campaign by announcing the formation of an exploratory committee, there are reasons to think that the blunt congressman might wield more influence over the shape, direction and conversation of the Republican contest this time around.

As a potential candidate, Mr. Paul has a larger national profile in 2011 than he did in 2007, when he ran for the Republican nomination as a largely unknown lawmaker. His key issues — concern about federal debt, spending and the size of government — are front and center this year. And his passionate, libertarian followers are, if anything, better organized as part of the Tea Party movement.

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