Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reed: Should Libertarians take their crumpets and go home?

Garry Reed is a writer that I've highlighted here before, his recent piece on Tea Parties – should libertarians take their crumpets and go home? is a recommended read.

Reed reports some interesting points, one I found especially noteworthy:
"Going to the Tea Parties, is much akin to punching myself in the face," laments Myers. "It's hard to keep going sometimes. But we must. There are some really good people involved in the Tea Parties who honestly do care about America."
The problem, he notes, is that too many Republicans think they're the good guys while only the Democrats are the bad guys.
But at least one conservative (presumably a Ron Paul supporter since his comment appeared in a Texas Liberty Campaign Meetup email, also gets it:
"Movements like the Tea party won't be very successful and will be subject to being bought off and preempted by bad people until the average sheep quits listening to Sean Hannity and Fox News and starts figuring out what is really going on."

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