Sunday, October 04, 2009

Libertarian Group To Sue Administration for Failing to Disclose Global Warming Docs

Title is the headline that caught my attention, on a local, state and federal level one of the most difficult things is getting information. With all of the laws passed to supposedly make getting this information "easier" it is almost impossible to get information and to get it the first time without having to threaten and/or file a lawsuit.

This story reported by ABC News is just the latest in the long saga of the government versus people's right to know...

A libertarian non-profit organization in Washington today announced it was filing suit against the Obama administration for failing to adequately disclose global warming documents.

As we reported two weeks ago the Competitive Enterprise Institute deemed inadequate the Treasury Department's response to a Freedom of Information Act request for documents on cap-and-trade.

Months after the FOIA request, Treasury responded by giving CEI five documents and emails, when the group had expected 50.

"Your response fails any reasonable test for compliance with FOIA and constitutes an effective denial of our request," CEI's Christopher Horner stated in the notice of appeal filed with Treasury today.

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