Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interview with Bob Barr

Recommended interview in the AJC that I found while searching tonight. A few parts of what was reported:
His purpose now is to make the difference between Obama and McCain in as many states as possible in the final days, Barr said. Power, and respect, comes with the ability to change the outcome of a given situation.

“We’ve deliberately left the last several days very flexible, depending on what the poll numbers and the spread between Obama and McCain show in several state,” Barr said. Which Ohio, North Carolina — and at least two days here. He’s got a 2 p.m. Monday appearance at the University of Georgia in Athens.

“From what I’m hearing, and looking at the numbers, the dramatic increase in registration, the dramatic numbers of early voters, there is an awful lot of support building for Obama. And I think Republicans have a lot to be worried about in Georgia,” he said.

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