Sunday, February 03, 2008

This is the era of the Paranoid Candidate

Some interesting points are made over at National Review by Jim Geraghty The Whine-Heavy Era of the Paranoid Candidate. While I do think there is some merit to the aspect of the discussion that some candidates, including Ron Paul (& John Edwards) did not get the type of media attention they should have, candidates do seem to be whining a bit more than in the past. Or...the media is focusing it a bit more.

Part of the column that I do especially agree with:
In each one of these defeats and endorsements ungarnered, the finger is pointed outward, often to the shadows. It's not that the other guy was any better, it's that he cheated! Only nefarious skullduggery and sinister chicanery could possibly explain my guy coming in any place but first!

Rarely if ever do we hear, "Well, my guy just wasn't good enough. The electorate just wasn't receptive to his message, and he made a lot of mistakes that hurt his chances."

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